Welcome to the Anime Expo 2021 Panel Application

Panel applications will close April 15, 2021 at 11:59pm (23:59) Pacific Time. Panel submissions will not be accepted after April 15, 2021.

Please carefully complete the application and review the important panel information and procedures listed throughout.

Primary Contact Information

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________

Panel Information

Please provide the following information for your panel.

Panel Category
  • Industry panels are led by official representatives of a company showcasing the company's past or upcoming work in the anime, manga, gaming, or other industries.
    For example: [Company Name]'s Industry Panel, or [Company Name]'s Announcements Panel
  • Community panels are focused on fans, the various communities and cultures related to AX attendees, and also include attendee-run panels and workshops.
    For example: [Company Name/Title] Community Panel, 3d Printing for Cosplay, Breaking into Anime Journalism, Introduction to Shinto, or Fan Panels

Livestream Broadcasting

R/18+ Panels are not eligible for livestream broadcasting
By opting in to having your panel broadcasted (live-streamed, delayed-streamed, or otherwise displayed by any means of transmission), you agree that:
  • Your panel will be considered for placement in the designated live-streamed panel room (Petree Hall)
  • Opting in does not guarantee your panel will be broadcast.
  • All materials, panelists, and discussions will be broadcasted in their entirety. There will be no exceptions made to allow broadcasting for specific sections of the panel only.
  • The broadcast will not be interrupted for any portion of the panel.
  • Your panel must consist of materials suitable for a G or PG-13 rating.
  • No 18+/R-Rated Panels will be broadcasted.
  • You must have the copyrights and/or permissions to use all your panel materials for broadcasting. Premieres or screenings will not be broadcasted unless agreed upon in advance between the SPJA and the panelists.
  • Opting out of Livestream Broadcasting will remove the option to select Petree Hall (Capacity: 2000) from the panel room capacities below.

_______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________


The following equipment is provided for each panel room:
  • 4-6 Microphones (varies upon room)
  • Projector
  • 16:9 Screen
  • Speakers
  • 2 Tables Minimum (varies upon room)
  • 4 Chairs Minimum (varies upon room)

Note: Laptops are NOT provided. You are responsible for your own filming equipment.

Tech Check

You will be required to bring your presentation materials and equipment to a tech check. The tech check occurs in a separate room, allowing for you to test your materials for compatibility before your panel. Upon panel approval, you will be asked for your availability for a tech check. Tech checks are generally about 15 minutes long and are not intended to be full rehearsals. More details on the tech check will follow upon panel approval.

Number of Panelists

You are responsible for your own filming personnel. Please be aware that SPJA will not provide badges to photographers and/or videographers to capture panels. Please plan accordingly and/or purchase additional badges if needed. You may apply for Industry/Professional badges or attendee badges prior to the deadline.

Industry Appearances

Are you or your panelist(s) interested in attending as an Industry Appearance?

Participating as an Industry Appearance is a great opportunity for voice actors, content creators, and other members of the industry who would like to connect with their fans at Anime Expo. Industry Appearances can be supported by a company host or participate on their own. Please read more details here.

Filming Location Agreement

If you are planning to record footage of your panel for any of the following reasons, please be aware that SPJA requires a signed Filming Location Agreement and a fee.

  • Bonus content for home release (DVD/Blu-Ray)
  • Concurrent live-stream (outside of the AX Live-Stream)
  • Post-event streams
  • Television broadcast for non-press related reason (i.e. variety show, documentary, etc.)

Filming that does not require a Filming Location Agreement includes:

  • Footage of assigned Exhibitor space
  • Footage captured outside AX event areas*
  • Event Recaps, Highlights, and/or Social Media Stories under 15-minutes total
  • Still photography

*Footage captured outside the Anime Expo event area (including but not limited to Los Angeles Convention Center, LA Live/AEG Properties, and JW Marriott) will require a separate filming location agreement by the respective building management. Some venues require specific location agreements.

If you have any questions about Filming Location Agreements, please contact marketing@spja.org.

Read more on our Filming Location Agreement here: http://www.anime-expo.org/get-involved/panelist/

Deadline to request a Filming Location Agreement is: Friday, June 4, 2021  

Panel Materials

  • Please bring backups in different formats for any media or files needed for your panels. We are unable to extend panel times if there are any delays caused by compatibility issues.
  • Please bring functional equipment such as working laptops (laptops will not be provided).
  • Please bring all media and files to your tech check.

Prohibited Items

Anime Expo's prohibited items list is based on the SPJA policies. Materials that are deemed potentially harmful to attendees and staff, damaging to property, or illegal are included in the list of prohibited items. Examples of prohibited items include, but are not limited to:
  • Stilts
  • Weapons (Please see our "Prop/Replica Weapons Policy" for more info)
  • Drones/UAVs
  • Illegal substances
  • Stickers/Adhesives Graphics (Keep them in your bags/pockets and off the walls/floors of the Event Facilities)
  • Signs/flags, if they are attached to a pole of any length and are used to solicit or incite any response. All other signs/flags are permitted.
  • Non-service live animals
  • Helium and mylar balloons
  • Lasers or similar items
  • Coolers
  • Oversized backpacks/bags: No bags over the airplane carry-on size are permitted. As a point of reference, the size limit for a standard airplane carry-on is 22 X !4 X 9 inches. All bags, regardless of size, are subject to inspection at any time.
  • Motorized Vehicles (i.e. go-karts or kids' battery operated vehicles)
  • Wheeled carts/wagons
  • Confetti/Loose Glitter (Glitter used on your cosplay is okay)
  • Flammable Liquids
  • Open-flame use
  • Any activity prohibited by law and/or prohibited by any Event Facilities

If your panel requires specific materials that are of concern, please specify them below:

Panel Cancellations

Please submit notice of your cancellation via email to Programming@anime-expo.org no later than one month prior to the event (June). If your panel is cancelled, then SPJA may replace that time slot with another panel from the waitlist.

Cancellations that occur between June and the event may affect your application in the future.

All complimentary badges registered for panelists of a cancelled panel will also be invalidated.

Panel Waitlist

SPJA will not accept any new panel applications during Anime Expo. In order to be considered to replace a cancelled panel, you must have already applied prior to the deadline and must have received an e-mail stating that you are on the waitlist. Only those who have been placed on the waitlist will be considered for replacing a cancelled panel.

Panel applications will close April 15, 2021 at 11:59pm (23:59) Pacific Time. Panel submissions will not be accepted after April 15, 2021.

For additional panel-related questions, please email Programming@anime-expo.org