Welcome to the World Cosplay Summit USA 2021 Application!

Welcome to the application for the WCS USA 2021 Video Competition to select the World Cosplay Summit (WCS) Team USA for 2021. The selected team will represent the United States of America in the online World Cosplay Summit Championships.

The WCS USA 2021 Video Competition Finals will take place at Anime Expo 2021. This event is a video and craftsmanship competition. Upon approval of your application, further instructions and due dates will be emailed.
Please read carefully the rules for WCS USA Finals at Anime Expo here as they differ from the previous WCS USA competitions.
Should you still have any questions after reading the rules, please email them to wcsusa@anime-expo.org.

When preparing for WCS USA Video Competition:

The WCS USA Video Competition Finals is an entirely online event, both in the United States and at the Championship in Japan. All teams who apply and turn in requested materials for the competition will be reviewed by the judges. After a preliminary review, 15 teams will be selected to progress to the WCS USA Video Competition Finals where one team will become WCS Team USA 2021 and participate in the digital championship event.

Before filling out this application, please be aware that:

  • All entries must be teams of two (2) people.
  • No content or source material may be mature (or 18+) audiences only.
  • All applicants must have either proof of permanent residence in the United States or proof of citizenship available for review by SPJA .
  • All applicants must be available for the digital WCS Championships in Japan in 2021 (Dates estimated August 2 to August 6, 2021). This participation will all be done virtually.
    *Note: You will only need one set of costumes for the WCS USA 2021 Finals which would be your Championship costumes.
  • All applicants must be 18 years old or older, to be verified by a government-issued ID by SPJA.
  • All applicants must be aware of and prepared to follow the official WCS USA Video Competition rules and regulations listed here.

All fields outlined in red are required.
Note: One of you will be the primary contact. That person must be Competitor 1. All communications will be sent to Competitor 1's email address, and you will be able to update information via logging into the Anime Expo Application system.

Competitor 1 Information

Competitor 2 Information

Team Information

The WCS USA is an event where we want to see strong craftsmanship and performances. This section is for your team to share your cosplay strengths and show us the cosplays you have done in the past as examples of what you would bring to this competition. Use the Best Work Example and Performance Links to show examples either as a team or split them up and show your craftsmanship and performances individually.

Costumes and Performance